Heller Company History

Heller Company History
100 Years in Business

E.G. Heller's Son, Inc. is owned and managed by E.G. Heller's grandson, the third generation of Heller family members. The Company's roots go back to 1916, the year Eugene George Heller, a Hungarian immigrant, moved his family to Los Angeles from Vancouver, British Columbia and opened a salvage yard for used pipe and industrial machinery. An early photograph of the salvage yard's downtown Los Angeles location (on San Pedro St.) shows horses and Shetland ponies for sale next door.

In the early 1920s, the business became Heller Pipe & Machinery Company, and by the early 1930s several of E.G. Heller's sons had become active in the business. In 1934, E.G. Heller was killed in an automobile accident and one of his elder sons took over the reins of the family business. In the late 1930s, the Heller name began to appear on numerous machinery products, including gold mining machinery, and the Heller family partnership began to manufacture machined products and parts for the growing aircraft industry. During World War II the company continued and expanded its manufacturing activities to meet the demands of the War Production Board.

William (Bill) Heller returned from active duty in the U.S. Navy, and in 1948, he took over the old Heller Pipe & Machinery Company and shortened its name to Heller Machinery Company. (An older brother agreed to take over and operate the manufacturing side of the business under the name Heller Engineering & Manufacturing Company.) Bill's principal business was buying and selling used industrial machinery. In 1953, Bill Heller met Richard Muhr of Muhr & Bender (Mubea) at a machine tool show in Europe and a few years later Bill was appointed the exclusive North American distributor for the Mubea ironworker. In 1958, Bill formed E.G. Heller's Son to operate the Mubea ironworker sales and parts business, and in the late 1960s Bill discontinued the used machinery business in order to focus all of his time and energy on the sales and distribution activities of E.G. Heller's Son, Inc.


E.G. Heller's Son is now owned and managed by Robert E. Heller, Bill's son. In the late 1980s, Robert decided to expand E.G. Heller's metal fabricating sales and distribution acquiring several complimentary product lines, including plate rolls, angle rolls, press brakes, and shears. E.G. Heller's Son continues to grow and it is one of the largest importers and distributors of metal fabricating equipment in North America. The company's mission is to anticipate industry trends and acquire strategic new product lines to serve its large and growing customer base.